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Research Outline      2015-05-19 09:28:43

My research interest involves all aspects of aerosol technology, including generation, sampling, measurement and control. Current research interests focus on (1) respiratory protection, including the optimization of cartridge design, and Improvement of fit test methods, (2) aerosol monitoring technique, including development of PM2.5 samplers, and improvement of dynamic mass measurement methods, (3) respiratory deposition measurement and drug delivery methods, (4) particulate control, including the filter design with best filter quality factor, and development of long service life filter, (5) characterization of aerosol emission from bubble/film bursting, including exhaled breath aerosol, and factors affecting aerosol emission from single bubble/film bursting.

I have been active in the related professions: the current Immediate-Past President of International Occupational Hygiene Association, in October 2014, the President of Taiwan Aerosol Association for Research, the Emeritus President of Taiwan Occupational Hygiene Association, Board member of International Society for Respiratory Protection, Committee Member of Respiratory Protection Committee, American Industrial Hygiene Association, Committee Member of Aerosol Technology Committee, American Industrial Hygiene Association. I am also on the International Advisory Board, Annals of Occupational Hygiene, and the Associate Editor of Journal of Labor and Occupational Safety and health (Taiwan). I was certified as a CIH by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene in 1993.