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  • Prosthodontics (補綴學)
  • Dentistry (牙醫學系)
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Research Outline      2015-01-12 10:06:56

1.Biomechanics in designs of dental implant prostheses:
Implant-supported prostheses have been established as acceptable treatment options for partially or totally edentulous patients because of high success rates. However, variable failure rates have been reported and “overloading conditions” are thought to be one of the reasons for implant failure. Finite element analysis and strain gauge method are used to investigate the biomechanics in the different designs of implant prostheses for decreasing the implant failure rate and complications.
2.Maxillofacial prosthetics:
Patients with head and neck tumors, trauma, or congenital defects usually suffer from great inconvenience in daily life and social activities. Now thanks to new techniques developed such as varied free flaps or grafts, intensity modulated radiotherapy, CT guided implant surgery and facial implants, those patients have chances to improved their life quality. Through interdisciplinary approach and team work, maxillofacial prosthodontists cooperate with other specialists to help patients. Maxillofacial rehabilitation could be performed to improve the patients’ esthetics, phonation, mastication and swallowing.