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  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (口腔顎面外科學)
  • Dentistry (牙醫學系)
  • Professor (教授)
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Research Outline      2014-11-03 11:33:25

1.Pathogenesis and Treatment of Oral Cancers
Using techniques in molecular biology to study the changes of oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes and other genetic markers in oral cancers. Correlating the clinical parameters with the genetic changes to found a database of molecular epidemiology for oral cancers in Taiwan. According to the above information to establish rational protocols for prevention and treatment of oral cancers.
2.Oral Implantology
Biological responses and clinical applications of various forms of dental implants. The efficacy of various bone graft procedures in conjunction with implant surgery. Orthognaic Surgery: Clinical efficacy of various orthognathic procedures, especially facial soft tissue changes produced by the surgery.