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Research Outline      2014-11-01 16:11:57

1.Betel quld chewing and oral mucosal diseases
To clarify the effects of areca nut, piper betle inflorescence, and lime on the metabolism and behavior of human oral mucosal cells will facilitate our understanding the mechanisms of betel quid carcinogenesis and possible chemoprevention in the future.
2.Growth factors on the behavior of human dental pulp and periodontium
Growth factors are important during the development of human dental pulp and periodontium. In addition, they can regulate the repair and regeneration of human dental pulp and periodontal tissues following injury. Clarifying the effects of growth factors on the metabolism and behavior of pulp and periodontal cells will be increasingly important for clinical vital pulp therapy and periodontal regeneration.
3.Toxicology and pharmacology of various dental materials
Various dental medicaments, materials and their components were tested for the cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, mutagenicity, inflammatory mediator release, and its effect on systemic health. The related toxic mechanisms such as cell cycle, redox changes, apoptosis, and the gene alterations by the toxic ingredients were also evaluated.