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Research Outline      2015-12-23 15:36:37

The research conducted in my laboratory combines both molecular and biochemical approaches toward investigating the following interrelated programs of research:
  1. Roles of DNA topoisomerases in DNA organization: Topoisomerases are ubiquitous, essential nuclear enzymes that participate in the regulation of DNA different topological states by transient breakage and rejoining of DNA. Cellular functions of different topoisomerases are currently under investigation.
  2. Studies on topoisomerase-mediated DNA damage: Due to its delicate act of breaking/rejoining DNA, topoisomerase is highly vulnerable while performing its enzymatic reaction on DNA. In agreement with this notion, DNA topoisomerases have been firmly established as highly effective molecular targets for antibiotics (e.g. quinolones) and anti-tumor drugs (e.g. camptothecins). Our lab also interested in understanding the molecular determinants for topoisomerase-targeting conditions.
  3. Post-translational modification of DNA topoisomerases: Modification and proteolytic pathways have been suggested to participate in regulating functions and activities of DNA topoisomerases. For example, ubiqutin/26S proteasome pathway has been implicated to degrade topoisomerases from cleavable complexes.