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Research Outline      2017-08-23 11:37:23

My research focuses on development of health and behaviors in children and adolescent, with special interests in understanding how different social contexts, including family, peers, schools, and neighborhoods, interact with each together in shaping behaviors. Another focal area of research is the development and evaluation of interventions to prevent health risk behaviors during the early life-course. Recent research has explored the influences of determinants across varying social contexts and the underlying pathways that lead to sleep problems, antisocial behavior, and dating violence. 


我的研究興趣在兒童與青少年健康及行為的發展,特別在探討不同社會環境 (包含:家庭、同儕、學校及社區) 如何共同塑造健康行為。另一研究興趣在於發展及評估健康介入方案,以利疾病預防及健康促進。近期的研究主題包含探討不同社會環境因子對青少年的睡眠問題、反社會行為及約會暴力的影響,並深入探究其因果路徑。