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Research Outline      2018-09-10 09:22:03

Tsung-Lin Yang MD. PhD. is a practicing surgeon of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, and a researcher in the field of regenerative medicine and oncology. He is a specialist in surgical oncology and also has expertise in robotic surgery of head and neck. He created new surgical techniques and novel devices (patented as Yang’s retractors) to facilitate the application of endoscopic and robotic surgery in head and neck. Dr. Yang is leading with the number of robotic surgery of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery in Taiwan. Dr. Yang has also devoted to investigating new applications of sonography and exploring the new techniques of ultrasound-guided procedures in diagnosing and treating head and neck diseases. Dr. Yang has published a series of studies that elucidate the important roles of tumor satellites in head and neck cancer. Dr. Yang’s lab also focuses on exploring the approaches and developing the therapeutics for organ regeneration. Dr. Yang’s lab has pioneered methods to incorporate the fundamental concept of developmental biology to explore the potential technology that can be applied to regenerate the organs, including head and neck, and also other organs in the body. The long-term goal of Dr. Yang’s research is to improve both therapeutic and functional outcomes of patients.