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Research Outline      2014-11-01 15:36:08

1.New Mini-implant System Development
Create a more simple mini-implants anchorage system, which have no anatomic limitations, and can be applied to every condition by animal study. We also want to reduce the inflammation of the soft tissue near the implantation and enhance the orthodontic applications by the special design of the head. With the new design, we can improve the shortcomings of the present miniplates and miniscrews, which can not only achieve better orthodontic outcomes, but also reduce the treatment duration. And we hope to introduce them to other field of the clinical dentistry and orthopedics.
2.Craniofacial-dental growth, development and orthopedic treatment
The long-term follow up observation of the different types of skeletal malocclusion treated by orthopedic appliance and compared with a group of skeletal class III malocclusion without any orthopedic treatment will make it clear the craniofacial-dental changes during treatment and posttreatment. These results will give important information for the treatment of skeletal malocclusion.
3.Orthodontic force system analysis
Force magnitude and force direction are basic factors of obvious importance in orthodontics. However, the determination of forces in most orthodontic appliances is very limited. A lot of previous studies have investigated the issue of threshold and optimal forces for moving the teeth and the appropriate appliance design to achieve specified forces.