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ANDY SUN (孫安迪)

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  • Oral Diagnosis (口腔診斷學)
  • Dentistry (牙醫學系)
  • Instructor (講師)
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Research Outline      2014-12-15 10:11:40

1.Etio-immunopathologic studies in recurrent oral ulcers and Behcet‘s disease
Studies of recurrent oral ulcers (ROU) and its related disease-Behcet‘s disease (BD) to better understand their mechanisns of immunopathogenesis, hormonal changes, major histocompatibility complexes, and the etiological antigens.In conclusion, ROU and BD have been caused by multiple factors, and the EBV-DNA and HCMV-DNA as two possible etiological antigens were established. Furthermore, the immunopathological reactions in the infection by EBV and HCMV might be established. Through these two disease models, the inter-relationship of EBV and the oral epithelial cells was also studied.
2.Etio-immunopathologic studies and immunomodulation therapy in oral lichen planus
This research also emphasizes the serial studies of oral lichen planus (OLP) to better understand the mechanism of immunopa-thogenesis, major histocompatibility, the potency of malignant transfer and the possibility of an autoimmune hypothesis.In conclusion, anti-basal cell antibodies persisting longer in OLP patients sera might be autoantibodies that are raised against altered basal cell-specific antigens. Otherwise, ant-nuclear antibodies, anti-smooth muscle antibodies and anti-gastric parietal cell antibodies are raised also and an autoimmune hypothesis for OLP has been proposed. The potency of malignant transfer of OLP is discovered by long-term tracing clinical, squamous cell carcinoma antigen (SCCA) and suppressor gene p53 Rb studies and should be treated as pre-malignancy. In clinical treatment, several findings suggest that levamisole has modulating effect on both cell-mediated and humoral immunity in patients with OLP or ROU.