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Research Outline      2015-10-26 17:26:07

I am generally concerned about how human wellbeing are shaped by macro and structural forces (globalization, gender dynamics, social stratification, etc) and to what extent could meso-level (community engagement) and interpersonal-level (social relationships) factors alleviate inequalities in health and wellbeing. My current research focuses on the social integration of transnational migrants, gender and social change, and the social wellbeing of vulnerable populations in transitional and emerging economies.

我的研究興趣聚焦於巨觀層面的社會結構與制度 (例如:全球化、性別系統、與社會階層化) 對人類健康福祉的影響,並關注社區/社群以及人際互動層面的因素,是否能夠消弭結構與制度所造成的健康不平等現象。目前的研究主題包括跨國移民的社會融入、性別與社會變遷,以及轉型與新興工業化國家脆弱人口的身心福祉。