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Bio-industry Communication and Development

(1) Academic and Research Activities

In addition to the periodic publications of the Review of Agricultural Extension Science, seminars and symposium related to agricultural education, strategies of agriculture, or rural development are held two or three times each year. Well-known specialists or outstanding alumni are invited to lecture such meetings. Sometimes, scholars or specialists from abroad are also invited in order to exchange the latest technology and research information. For many years, the faculty members in the department have cooperated with National Science Council, Council of Agriculture, and various Farmer's Organizations to conduct numerous studies in the fields of rural sociology and extension education.

(2) Extension Activities

Through the Committee of Agricultural Extension, NTU, the Rural Youth Research Association, and the 4-H club, NTU, the department have cooperated with other departments in the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, and have participated actively in the rural community services and extension activities. Moreover, the department also works with agricultural administrative institutions and other farmer's organizations to implement counseling, planning and evaluating activities. Training programs or workshops for extension agents are held during summer and winter sessions every year. In the future, these activities will even be expanded to the international cooperation services all over the world.