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Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

The department was formerly known as the "Horticultural Lecture" of Agriculture division in Taihoku Imperial University funded in 1929, renamed the Department of Horticulture of National Taiwan University in 1945, and the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture in 2011. The Department has been the most comprehensive horticultural research and teaching institute in Taiwan, highly respected for her distinguished academic accomplishments, diversity of courses offered, and her elite community of faculty and students.

The teaching goal of the Department is to “nurture personnel equipped with both professional knowledge and social skill, and being capable of solving problems related to horticultural science, which would engage in horticultural science research, education, promotion, and industry management.” The research programs properly merge both traditional methodology and biological technology, for the improvement of variety, production, and management in horticulture crops, in order to commit a better living environment.

The Department administrates four buildings on campus, Horticultural Science Hall (Building Four), Floriculture Hall, Horticultural Crops Processing Building, and Landscape Horticulture Hall, one transgenic lab and greenhouse, and one greenhouse annex. Major teaching and research laboratories cover various specialized fields, including horticultural crop physiology, genetics, breeding, electron microscopy, tissue culture, molecular biology, isotope technique, postharvest physiology, processing, and landscape horticulture.