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Library and Information Science

The Department of Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University (DGILIS) offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programs, making it the first department of library and information science in Taiwan to have a complete educational system. DGILIS strives to cultivate information capabilities in students and promotes information literacy.

DGILIS faculty keep up with the trends in the information society and conduct cutting-edge information research that is both interdisciplinary and integrated with technology. DGILIS faculty research is not limited within the field of library and information science; they also conduct collaborative research typically involves scholars in computer engineering, information management, communication technologies, and many other fields. The department has also continued to strengthen cooperative relations with other Departments, like the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, the Department of Information Management, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Bio-Industry Communication.

DGILIS is distinguished for its research program. The department supports faculty and students for local, national, and international research engagements. Our faculty not only conduct funded research in a wide range of areas. Our faculty also work collaboratively with students on cutting-edge research and publish their results in top-rank journals. With the ultimate goal of making a great impact on individuals, communities, and the society, faculty also partner with scholars in related fields and share their works through publications, presentations, and other scholarly events.