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College of Liberal Arts

Overview: Departments(14) Researchers(261) Publications(4745) Projects(2685)

The College of Liberal Arts enjoys the longest history among similar colleges in the country. We are also the one with the greatest scale. Our areas of teaching and research range from traditional humanities, anthropological studies, fine arts to foreign languages and literatures, showing a high level of vitality and variety.

The research and publications of our faculty members are widely acclaimed for their quality and quantity. The College publishes Humanitas Taiwanica. Individual departments and graduate institutes publish journals or monographs series of their specialties, including Bulletin of the Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University, Chung Wai Literary Quarterly, Historical Inquiry, National Taiwan University Philosophical Review, The Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology, Journal of Library and Information Studies, NTU Studies in Japanese Language and Literature, Journal of Theater Studies, Taida Journal of Art History, NTU Studies in Language and Literature, Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies, and NTU Studies in Taiwan Literature.

The College of Liberal Arts has several main missions. The first is to cultivate talents in the general sphere of the humanities. Intellectual flowering, improvement in education, and elevation of spiritual life are indispensable for a bright future of Taiwan. And as part of the most prestigious university in Taiwan, it is ourt natural responsibility to nurture talents with innovative ideas and creative potential that can contribute to developments in these respects.

Secondly, as our college is a leading academic institution in the humanities in Taiwan, our faculty bear an important duty to do research, to produce meaningtul knowledge. It is also important for us to nurture the future generations of scholars for Taiwan.

The third main mission of the College is to elevate NTU students' overall understanding and appreciation of the humanities and arts. On top of advanced courses for students at the College of Liberal Arts, we also provide rich general courses for students campus-wide. This will not only help the university to produce talents with humanistic perspectives, but also contribute to further cultural refinement in Taiwan at large. We will work hard to fulfill these missions.


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