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College of Public Health

Overview: Departments(7) Researchers(64) Publications(9305) Projects(1675)

A、Mission:To improve the health of populations worldwide by devoting to education, research and service.

B、Core Value:C.I.T.E.
C 、Goals
(A)Goals for Education:
1.To expand NTUCPH educational program to meet the comprehensive need of global society.
2.To enhance the enrollment of a well-qualified and diverse undergraduate student body.
3.To promote public health education university-wide.
4.To enhance the diversity of graduate students.
(B)Goals for Research:
1.To create an environment that foster faculty’s interaction and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
2.To promote preventive or interventional research that can lead to change of policy or practice.
3.To establish a comprehensive partnership with public health systems and targeted community to design and conduct relevant, collaborative research.
4.To increase international collaboration in global health issues.
(C)Goals for Service and Practice:
1.To strengthen the community engagement.
2.To enhance the social impact of public health research.
3.To partner with both government and non-government sectors to benefit mutually.
(D)Goals for Fiscal Resources:
1.To increase the proportion of non-government budget.
2.To expand space for the development of NTUCPH.


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